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Mall of America - click to enlarge Mall of America
4.2 mil. Square Foot
Bloomington, Minnesota

Eden Prairie Mall - click to enlarge Eden Prairie Mall
1,342,000 square foot
   Super-regional Shopping Mall
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Maine Mall - click to enlarge Maine Mall
1,020,000 square foot
   Super-regional Shopping Mall
South Portland, Maine

The Plaza and The Court at King of Prussia - click to enlarge The Plaza and The Court at
King of Prussia

3.2 mil. Square Foot
   Shopping Mall
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Roosevelt Field - click to enlarge Roosevelt Field
2.2 mil. Square Foot
   Super Regional Shopping Mall
Garden City (Long Island), NY

Oxford Valley Mall - click to enlarge Oxford Valley Mall
1,396,000 Square Foot
   Shopping Mall
Oxford Valley, Pennsylvania

Lehigh Valley Mall - click to enlarge Lehigh Valley Mall
1,155,000 Square Foot
   Shopping Mall
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Montgomery Mall - click to enlarge Montgomery Mall
1,120,000 Square Foot
   Shopping Mall
Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania

Deptford Mall - click to enlarge Deptford Mall
1,041,000 Square Foot
   Shopping Mall
Deptford Township, New Jersey

For a partial list of projects for appraisals of Shopping Malls, Shopping Centers, and other commercial property, see Mark Kenney's Professional Qualifications.